10 DAYS. 10 GIRLS ……………….. DAY 02

Wildflower Dress by Samantha Pleet

Wildflower Dress by Samantha Pleet

prelim sketch




And here’s a preview of tomorrow…


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10 DAYS. 10 GIRLS ……………… DAY 01

Hello everyone! It’s Day 01 and let me introduce the Eskell Josette Dress.
Eskell Josette Dress

Prelim sketch

Model Illustraion

Here’s a preview of tomorrow….


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10 Days. 10 Girls : Launches Tomorrow

Although it took me 6 months to get to this post, I’ve kept my word. The idea launches tomorrow with dresses I’ve picked out from this Pinterest page.

Sorry about the hold back. It was due to immense work load and attention required from my Second year final design project. That being said, let the show begin!

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Here’s my Card…….. Call Me Maybe?

When you are a college student in the second year, it’s that time of the course where they try to professionalize you. (or atleast teach us to present ourselves in a less embarassing manner)

It’s time to look one year into the future and conduct fake interviews and draw up fake portfolios (with credits you dang well wish you owned. Degree from Harvard? Don’t mind if I do!)

Ofcourse it’s all fun and games to run around conducting interviews on your friends and then mercilessly reject them (oh the superficial power of a superficial company) but when the thought of this being your life for a good while in the future creeps into the back of your mind, the whole thing becomes a bleak affair. (I hope I have enough perseverance to stick up through it just for the sake of that fancy apartment I plan to own one day)

Introduction aside, it was the assignment of the day to create your own business card. The ground rules? Phrasing my lecturer;

When you are old like me and go to hang out at the fancy bar, you come home with a pocket stuffed with forced business cards. Hell I won’t even remember their  faces.  I’ll wake up next morning with a slight hangover. Bleary eyed, I would go through the contents of my pockets to throw away anything  I don’t want and that’s where I would pick up that stack of business cards. Taking only one glance to judge the business cards I would flip them one by one in to the trash can. And yours should be the one that should catch my attention, make me stop flipping, and go  ‘hmm interesting, I wonder what this is all about’ and then give you a call.That’s the one your card should be, not the one being flipped into the bin.

Good stuff. All the more pressure.

There you have it. My final design for the business card. I quite like it actually.

Update and note: Guess who got a distinction? uh-huh, yep.  oh and the site http://www.poplobby.com is a made up site. It’s merely the company name my friend and I came up with during a group assignment. We quite like the sound of it. So let me know whether PopLobby is a good name to start with?  Comment below. x

Business cards

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Tattoed your Nails Recently? DIY

Nail art has been growing alot lately. It has always been a trend. A way to express femininity. Now it a way to express chatacter and personality and most important your creativity. (and slightly the amount of free time you got on your hands)

With so many options to decorate your nails with, here’s one more to add to your options list.

What you’ll Need:

Temporary Adhesive Tattoo Paper (You know, the kind that gets transferred to your skin when you wet them)

Google results on Tattoo Stickers. You can get them anywhere!

A White Nail Polish

A Clear Top Coat

An Ice Cube (not the rapper mind you)

Apply a two coats of White (Or any background color you prefer and suits the design you’ve chosen) to your nail. While that dries choose the design you want tattoed on your nails.

you can use this kind. or…..

this type! psyche. 😛 use the former I say!

I had a cute chain of small flowers saved for this tutorial but of course, I have misplaced it ten minutes before I needed it.

So I chose these two instead.

Place the sticker in the direction you want over your nails and dab it with water. Ice cold water works faster and better. an ice cube does all that and also gives control of pressing the sticker down around the edges of your nail.

Once you are sure the tattoo has transferred, gently peel the paper off. Clean off the residue with a cotton swab.

Finally, seall off your tattoo with a clear top coat.

And you are good to go!

And if all else fails, turn to the stickers!  (;

Good Luck!

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Update: DIY Cubecraft

Update on my plans to make a cubecraft Totoro

Done and Done! 🙂

Now if only there’s a Loki Cubecraft entry.  😉

Find Of The Month: www.cubecraft.com

Alright Stop. Collaberate and Listen.

psyche. (you totally sang that didn’t you?)

New Segment. Find of the Month. Why month you may ask? Because sometimes even the fascinating information and unicorn induced internets fail to impress us. Those with the ‘impress factor’ slapped across it, are hard to come by. More so if you have a 100 page sheetset to complete in a month.

note: impress factor; it makes you go ‘hm, nice’, that’s pretty cool, holy!, or..


Yeah, you know.

starting quite simple. First find of the month is Cube Craft. I was browsing totoro origami when I came across this site.


Cubeecraft (pronounced “kyoob-ee”) papercraft toys feature interlocking tabs for construction – eliminating the need for tape, glue or other messy adhesives. To download click on the model you would like then save the template image.
Each toy is designed to be printed on a standard piece of 8 1/2 X 11 A4 letter paper. Simply print, cut and fold your model into a cute and fun paper toy.

It’s a pretty nifty concept. They have characters ranging from popular media to not-so-popular media like yourself. Yep, that’s right. You can design yourself or characters you know. In my opinion it’s a new take on toys and they sure do make nice I-did-it’s to place on your worktable.  So go ahead browse, print and get crafty!. Time for me to get crafty cause I sure did find my I-did-its!

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Easy Pop Up Fish Tank

Keeping a pet is a lot of hard work. Maybe that’s why our parents gave us a hard time when we pulled the “Can I please have it? Oh please? I promise I will take care of it! No I know I lost my watch mum but I will take care of him! Please!”  Oh so familiar.

My family had a pet dog long before I was born. My dad used to love him very much. But then one day it was over, he was gone after meeting a tragic death.  The rest is quite self – explanatory. My dad could never bring up to raise a puppy again and my childhood was petless. 😦

Oh, how I envied the kids at school with pets.

And I grew up. Grew up enough to muster courage to demand a kitten for the New Year in my Junior Year of High school.  The Demand was met and it was the best damn fluffiest thing to happen to me.

You see, you should never underestimate a kids’ need for a pet. It’s more than an animal that sheds  and constantly pester for food for them. They are a form of companionship, confidentiality, and in my case an outlet for love and hugging. They teach the kids to love, take care and share that yummy  what-not  you really don’t wanna share.

Pet’s are good influence. 100% statistics show that they’ll never keep your kids out of the house after the curfew or turn them into a chain smoker.

This Pop up fish tank Idea started with a little friend of mine. Let’s call him Ian. You see Ian, like me is currently going through the “Dad please, common I’ll take care of them” phase. But instead of kittens, he wants fishies. 🙂 His knowledge of types of fish and taking care of them is amazing. He never turns down a chance to visit the aquarium, in which he spends sometimes a full on five minutes staring at a still fish, which he claims to me is, rare and amazing.

I was a sucker for his attempts at trying to pronounce the scientific names of all the fish in amazement. So I put some thought into it and started arranging Ian a little surprise. I’m sorry Ian’s dad, but Ian’s getting his ‘Fishies’ this year.   

What you need:

– A little bit of sand

Hey look, a cutting mat.

– Gravel or colored pebbles

– Plastic aquarium plants

– White gravel (just more option really)

– A plastic container

-A Fishy

For Packing:
– Polythene/ Plastic bags
-Metal ruler
– Candle and matchsticks

Package the contents into little polythene bags like in the picture above. To seal the bag just bend the polythene over a metal ruler and run it by the candle flame.  Pack it in the plastic container like so.

almost done Ian ~smiley face~

 Now that you got your materials tucked in. There’s only two more things missing. Fishies! and packaging. I chose a converse should box of mine to fit all of them in. 

What’s that on top you may ask? It’s a little mock instruction manual I did as a finishing touch.

As for the fish, you can ask the aquarium shop to fill the bag they put the fish in with oxygen, which they usually do. And put the little guy in. Close  your box and deliver! And there you go!

Ian? Ian loved his present. I got one of the tightest hugs ever with a sloppy kiss. And also a nod of approval and a “Meh, I can live with that” look from the fathership. You see, sometime you just got to initiate it, and things just fall in to place in their own time.

I’m so sorry but I do not have an actual photo of the fish tank. I’ve searched and searched and I have no idea where it is. Sigh, why am I so good at hiding stuff? The picture above is very close to the final product. Except imagine water glistening  for golden sunlight and vivid orange guppies swimming around. yeah?

 Notes on materials:

I scooped up the sand on an evening stroll on the beach. They are soft and great but make sure to wash them throughly to remove the all that salt and dirt.

The container I chose was a 16 Piece Ferrero Rocher container. It was cute and for me the perfect size. And it fit perfectly inside the converse shoe box.

The colored and white gravel is readily available in your nearby aquarium shop. They are dirt cheap. Buy them when you go to the aquarium shop to choose your fish. I recommend a small fish for this operation because we are making a makeshift fish tank. I chose guppies because they are small and beautiful and also they need less space and are air-breathers. But all that could change according to the climate and water available in the area you live in. So, please consult the expert at the aquarium shop, and choose the best fishy with him.

Here’s some alligator fish, that scared the daylights out of me at the aquarium shop, to cover up for the ‘end result’ photo

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Sneak Peak

Uh huh. Yup. I’m working on it. Yes I am.

Sorry for the major delay in delivery. Boy did I underestimate the second semester. I’m currently working on a proposal for an Open Prison and this project goes beyond physical structure to the psychology of the inmates. Intensive knowledge of your inhabitants is the key. More on that later, but for now I’m back on track and hope to bring the deliverables to desk on the next few days.

Till then eat well, sleep well aaand browse well. (corny at it’s best)

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10 Days. 10 Girls. ……………….. Coming Soon!

Warning: The content of this post is less scandalous than it’s title.

Haha I’m sorry to disappoint you all but it is indeed much less scandalous than the title.

So here’s what it is. I recently started sketching again and it made me remember what I loved sketching the most. Figures! Specifically speaking, female figures. Pushed forward by a couple of creative blogs (check them out here and here), sketches of fashion design students in my Design Academy and few random sketches on my sketch book, I decided to start a challenge.

Somewhat like Ed Stockham’s 24 comic challenge with STICKAID (Do check him out, he’s great!) But I’ve laid out a few ground rules or plans. (or a foundation, since I’m an interior designer 😉 ) I will be drawing the dresses from this Pinterest page. (Which I fell in love with btw, and I’m pretty sure you will too.)

Desirable Dresses

Desirable Dresses. Linked above.

Like the title, it will be 10 girls and 10 dresses for 10 days. Starting date is not yet decided, but it will be as soon as I catch a perfect round date like 10th or 20th!. ( I assure this is not a form of procrastination)

Q: What is the reason why I waited till College started to begin this marvelous challenge?                                                                                                                 A: The reason is, I get free scanning! haha so I can put it up on Photoshop and play with tools that I have no idea about in hopes it’ll make the drawing muchos prettier! (I’m pretty hopeless at photoshop right now, so if anyone has any good tutorials or tips lemme know below!)

I’m pretty excited. A new year! A new challenge! and you know what? I challenge you to do it!. Something. Something for 10 days! Be it beautifully simple or creatively mind boggling. Go ahead do it and share with me and the world!

Let us begin! Bum bum bum ~epic background music~ sigh the only thing reality lacks.

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