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Tattoed your Nails Recently? DIY

Nail art has been growing alot lately. It has always been a trend. A way to express femininity. Now it a way to express chatacter and personality and most important your creativity. (and slightly the amount of free time you got on your hands)

With so many options to decorate your nails with, here’s one more to add to your options list.

What you’ll Need:

Temporary Adhesive Tattoo Paper (You know, the kind that gets transferred to your skin when you wet them)

Google results on Tattoo Stickers. You can get them anywhere!

A White Nail Polish

A Clear Top Coat

An Ice Cube (not the rapper mind you)

Apply a two coats of White (Or any background color you prefer and suits the design you’ve chosen) to your nail. While that dries choose the design you want tattoed on your nails.

you can use this kind. or…..

this type! psyche. 😛 use the former I say!

I had a cute chain of small flowers saved for this tutorial but of course, I have misplaced it ten minutes before I needed it.

So I chose these two instead.

Place the sticker in the direction you want over your nails and dab it with water. Ice cold water works faster and better. an ice cube does all that and also gives control of pressing the sticker down around the edges of your nail.

Once you are sure the tattoo has transferred, gently peel the paper off. Clean off the residue with a cotton swab.

Finally, seall off your tattoo with a clear top coat.

And you are good to go!

And if all else fails, turn to the stickers!  (;

Good Luck!

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Easy Ombre Glitter Nails

So I always get distracted at Pinterest when I see snaps of gorgeous nail art. And one thing that has been stealing the spotlight since of late is Ombre nails.

Them sexy nails

The Ombre trend that’s sweeping us ladies off our feet isn’t just limited to nails.

see what I mean?

note: even cakes?

I was hyped and I wanted to have the fading gorgeousness on my nails. Not wanting break the saving for buying a cute top on a bunch of new nail colors, I decided to give a crazy idea of mine ago.

So here’s how it goes..

A couple of notes: x. It’s amazingly affordable.  x.In my opinion most of the glitter nail polishes cant pull this off. (but do correct me if I’m wrong)

What you need:

  • Glitter   (you can buy this at any stationary shop. And you need just a tiny smidge, so buy the smallest can/packet they have on sale)
  • A clear nail polish
  • A pin
  • A flat plate to mix
  • and finally a sponge!

Put a bit of glitter on the plate and add a drop or two of clear nail polish on the heap.

Then using your pin mix it until it’s a paste

Dip your sponge (I used a scrunchie, improvise!) in the paste and then sponge it on to your nails! Put the first dab on the top of the nail and then sponge in towards the cuticles, to make it look like it’s fading.

Let it dry and apply a coat of clear nail polish to seal it in.




And you are good to go you, you gorgeous-nail-rocking thang!

It doesn’t always have to be glitter and it doesn’t always have to be the natural nail color.

Imagine the possibilities?

p.s: I’m still learning about how to arrange photos, if you find something useful ‘comment below!’

See what I did there? 😉

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