Mom? Dad?…. Life?

Well hello there,

So this is me after finals.

accuracy. level:100

But being an Interior student, there are few perks. Like all that creativity involved! Nonetheless there are the occasional, ‘must-finish-one-month-project-in-one-night!’  heavily dosed with stress. a whole lot of it!

I’m back, recovering, after finals. Enjoying the Christmassy spirit all around. (Speaking of which, I should get that falling snow thingy WordPress has been telling me about, on the blog). However, the reason why I’m posting on the 14th even though I got my holidays on 9th is well, cause I met an old friend of mine.  We go back aloong way and I’m pretty sure ya’ll know him. He goes by the name of Procrastination, anyone?

Damn right. But I’m happy to say my time wasn’t procrastinated in waste. Cause I found myself some gems in the interwebs  ;). And this post is actually dedicated to those findings. I hope you like them and they prove helpful to you in any way. Even if it’s just procrastinating.

First up. TheTofuGuru

This is the first video I came across and the reason why I got hooked on to her channel. I’m a hardcore lover of food to even consider being a vegetarian but by golly the food she makes looks pretty delicious. And easy! don’t forget that. easy. And why did I mention all that? It’s cause she’s a vegan! You see what I mean? This is not your average vegan food boy. She’s amazing, the food is amazing and the cause she stands for is amazing. Do take your time to check her out.


Maybe some of ya’ll have heard of her and maybe you haven’t. But now you will. She’s a DIY guru on youtube, but she does venture into other areas of all-things- beauty as well. I was pretty taken by the DIY beauty ideas she has and the fact that they do actually work. It’s pretty and helpful. Ladies, go ahead, check it out, you know you want to.

And lastly but not leastly


eee 😀 I know, I’m sorry. But I couldn’t resist. How could you, you go all awww, waaah, oooh, mmm the moment the page loads. High quality beautiful pictures #yesplease. I do not have to explain this. Well, except maybe this… you have to click the picture to get to the content. (call me slow, but that took me a while)

So tell me,…. can you really blame me? That was rhetorical. Answer is ‘no’.

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One thought on “Mom? Dad?…. Life?

  1. Nina Taylor says:

    Haha love the post. And yeah we really can’t blame you can we?

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