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Hello everyone. So I haven’t been posting for some time lately and that could only mean one thing. College!

Yup it’s started. You see, it takes me two hours to get home from college (tough life ) and when I get home I’m too tired squeeze in anything else into my “Back home” agenda.

Which goes a little like this. Strip of every clothing, shower and grab a pre-dinner snack, catch up on missed The Office episodes, contemplate on doing homework, eat dinah! and fall asleep while reading Game of Thrones ( Still in the first book. That shit is long, son. )

So very productive.

Don’t even get me started on weekends.

However I’ve been doing a little bit more than catching up on Downton abbey and The Office though. I’ve been doing my DE1071 Primer.

DE1071 primer asks us (the student ) to create an online project experience of one our previous projects. The user should be able to follow the project through different platforms. Specifically a website, a blog and a social media. And they all have to linked through and through to make a friendly user tour.

So let me introduce you to my DE1071 | The Giridara Project


giridara project website  DE1071


giridara project behance DE1071


giridara project wordpress DE1071


giridara project twitter DE1071


giridara project facebook DE1071


thestack desk blog wordpress DE1071


And that’s that. I’ll be constantly updating TheStack Desk so do follow me.

Any opinions, ideas? Let me know below!

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And we’ve come to the end of it.

Anais Silk Blend Metallic Jaquard Dress by Milly.

anais silk blend metallic jacquard dress by milly


Preliminary Fashion Sketch


Final Sketch:

Final Fashion Illustration



No More Previews! I did it! Can I get ‘Whooppaa!” ??  Hahaha

I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did and inspired you to go do something you’ve never done.  Thank you for following this series and I honestly do look forward to seeing a 10 day challenge in your blog.



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10 DAYS. 10 GIRLS ……………. DAY 09

Mango Vintage Dress

Mango vintage dress

Fashion Preliminary Drawing


Finished Fashion illustration



Aaand we are almost done!

Here you go, the last preview of the last Dress. Can you guess what it is?

pinterest preview

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10 DAYS. 10 GIRLS …………… DAY 08

Wish Recall Dress. Princess kit with military inspired waist detail.

Wish Recall dress. princess cit with military inspired waist detail


Preliminary fashion sketch


Final fashion illustration


Only two more days to go! (:


So here’s a preview of tomorrow:

pinterst preview

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10 DAYS. 10 GIRLS ……………………………DAY 07

Richard Nicoll striped cotton- blend shift dress.

A little note, I tried on a different way of illustrating skin. Do not mistake them for stockings. (:

richard nicoll striped cotton-blend shift dress



Preliminary fashion sketch


Final fashion illustration


And here’s a preview of tomorrow:

pinterest dress preview

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On a completely different note ………….. What about memories?

Well hi,

I know it’s the middle of  10 girls series, but here goes something I wanted to take your creative advice on.

As you know, I’m about to enter the third and final year of higher education, the BA year, and along with it comes the Thesis project.  The guideline is to be built something useful to your community/society.  I designed an Open Prison in my second year and I wanted to something small, something personal this time.

Many suggestions were made, such as; an open theater, a street food unit for vendors, car park . I do like them all and with right path  of creativity it could be designed in to a ‘statement’.

And here’s the ‘but’. But I have this need to create something regarding the significance of the 1 hour path from my home to my university. How in my mind it’s a map with all the important stops and curiosities dotted all over, and how each one of them symbolize a part of me.  How I’ve taken the same journey for 8 years (high school included) and still does not tire from  the view.

And then I stop. Because I’m still trying to figure out how to connect this into an Interior Project.

This is where I need your help. Simple or extravagant, do you see anywhere I take this idea off to? If you have any suggestion on this concept or completely different community design I can take my design into, like a public toilet?, please do comment below and let me know.

I look forward your comments.

Have a nice day and thank you for stopping by and reading this post. (:

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10 DAYS. 10 GIRLS ………………….. DAY 06

Milly Tri Color Dress

Milly Tri Color lace dress


Final Fashion Illustration


And here goes the preview of tomorrow: Spot the Dress?

pinterest preview

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10 DAYS. 10 GIRLS…………………….DAY 05

Lace Peplum Dress from the nasty gal collection.

lace peplum dress from the nasty gal collection

preliminary fashion sketch

final illustration

A little note:

First of all I apologize to all of you who’ve been following the ’10 days, 10 girls’ series for the last two missing posts.  Today I should be uploading the 7th illustration but I am just uploading the 5th girl, and I have a good reason why.

It’s the Kite season where I live. (: It’s a beautiful time of the year.But, it also means it’s very windy and also very rainy. We’ve been having a bit of a stormy rain for the past few days and it somehow took a toll with the internet provider for the whole region which resulted in ‘no internet connection’ for two days. Bummer.

I adore the rain and love watching it fall down while I’m snuggling in my bed, but, I don’t adore it so much when it takes my ‘internets’ away.  I got the connection back and this is back on track.  Whooppa!

And now here’s a preview of tomorrow:  (;

pinterest preview

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10 DAYS. 10 GIRLS …………….. DAY 04

It’s day 4  ya’ll.

Preen leaf silk-georgette and crepe dress via high gloss.

preen leaf silk-georgette and crepe dress via high gloss


preliminary fashion sketch


Final fashion illustration


Here’s a preview of tomorrow:  Can you spot the next dress? 😉


The winner will get a shoutout.

note: the reason I chose the snake skin print was that it, for me, resembled the texture and feel of the blouse.

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10 DAYS. 10 GIRLS ……………… DAY 03

Mason by Michelle Mason color block dress

mason by michelle mason color block dress


preliminary sketches


fashion illustration

Le Voila!


And here’s a preview of tomorrow: …

pinterest preview


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